Constant humidity and lockdown humidity


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Apr 19, 2012
North Georgia
I read (maybe I should stop reading?) that the constant humidity for an incubator for guineas should be 60%, with an increase to 80% during lockdown.

Is that what I should shoot for?

Thanks for everyone's patience with all my questions. I can't wait for a good hatch!!!
I try to maintain 45-50% RH during incubation, 70-75% RH for lock-down. 80% is ok too, but if you have a lot of keets hatching at once it tends to reach upwards of 90+% pretty quickly. I'm pretty sure the new 1588s maintain the range of 45-50% with just the center trough filled, like my 2 older models do... but for you that may depend a lot on the ambient RH in the room where your brooder is set up.
Thanks, Peeps. When I moved my 'bator downstairs, the temp went down to 99.5 with minor fluctuations up and down in the 10ths of degrees - between 99.4 and 99.7. I'm assuming that's no cause for worry. When it was upstairs, the temp fluctuated between 99.5 and 100 degrees F.

Also, my humidity went down to 48% (from 58% upstairs), so I think I have it right.

My eggs are due today or tomorrow, and I have the setup the way it should be, as far as I can tell. Feel free to tell me if I don't. I have my turner, I have temp & humidity, now if I can just get a high percentage of viable, fertile eggs.....

I think I finally feel ready to start hatching. No worries, right?

What gets me is that info I can find is either not specific for guineas (the instructions that come with the 'bator 1588 don't get specific about guineas, but they can't list EVERYTHING) and some "expert" information differs from everything else I've read.

I appreciate being able to benefit from your knowledge and experience. Thanks.

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