Constant light molting related to diet??

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    May 16, 2010
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    Hi all,
    I have 3 girls and it seems that they are always in a light molt. Some mornings, like today, it looked like there was a pillow fight going on during the night when I open the coop. But most days, it's just a few feathers- some downy stuff, but larger feathers as well. It doesn't seem to be a picking problem and they never get bald spots.

    We feed layer pellets that are offered dry, but in the morning I offer a mix of pellets with some boss and corn with warm water to make a mash also. They don't seem to eat that much of it. They are also hand fed corn and meal worms (their drug- I mean, food - of choice LOL) each day in the morning and in the afternoon. They free range a bit and like to eat greens when offered. I don't feed them much people food left overs, as they don't seem to like them. They will eat any scrambled eggs that are offered, but they don't lay many eggs, so I don't usually give them back to them.

    Do you think that they are filling up on corn and worms and not getting enough layer pellets and that could be the cause? I can always increase their protein with tuna or more meal worms.

    What do you suggest?
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    Hmm I wonder. I have one hen going thru a light molt, well light so far and she had one in the fall as well. I feed layer crumbles and they get a couple handsful of mealworms and safflower seeds morning and evening between the 4 of them. Production isnt great, maybe 3 eggs a week each but they are 22 months old. If I were you I would probably try deleting the corn.

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