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Jan 26, 2007
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Bluebell is a mixed breed hen about two years old. she is constantly broody...I mean she walks around puffed up, and clucking like a broody hen will. She is not laying that I know of. She has been doing this since the spring, but yet, I have never seen her set any eggs, or be on the nest at all, until recently. Recently, she has joined Izzy Lou, our broody old Silkie hen, who IS on the nest, on her six eggs. Bluebell has been trying to co-mother with Izzy Lou, but IL doesn't think she needs any help and never lets Bluebell set with her for long. I think Bluebell also acted this way last year, as I remember. I'm thinking that if IL's chickies hatch and Bluebell is on the nest, I might divide the chicks up between the two hens and see if that cures BB of her broodiness, but otherwise, I'm not sure what it is causing this. She seems healthy, eats and drinks well, runs with the flock. I thought about trying to break her broody cycle by confining her, but not sure this would work since she was never really setting on any eggs to begin with, except for Izzy Lou's. Has anyone ever experienced this, know what might be causing it and a cure, thoughts or suggestions?
You could let her sit on some if you want but some good ways to break her would be disturbing her if she tries to sit in the nest box but with the other hen being broody, you probably don't want to do that. Confining her could help. I've read all about breaking a broody hen but I don't remember all of the ways to do so. You can look at this link.
Thanks. yeah, I know how to break them. But usually that's if they have laid and are setting their eggs....which she has not. Sigghh.
So, she really has no nest to go back to, and so it wouldn't matter if she couldn't get to it. I just wondered if maybe if was some weird medical condition that was causing her to be stuck on broody, you might say.
Maybe she's just moody? Lol
For a while I wondered that, that maybe she's doing it to keep the others away from her. But I think it is a hormonal thing. Weird though. Her comb is bright red, and she just doesn't look broody. Just puffs up and makes that noise. So maybe she is just faking. I guess I will quit worrying about it.
I have 2 hens laying and one of my not-laying hens starts complaining like she wants to lay an egg when one of the layers complains about it...but she can't. I find chickens just so comical. They make me laugh every day. They're just so different from every other pet I've had. I'd love to keep them forever but unfortunately I'm going to have to sell them next year. Life. Grr

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