Constantly in nesting box?


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Apr 9, 2009
Portland area
So my golden laced wyandotte never seems to leave the nesting box. She is almost all always in it, even after she's layed an egg. I'm getting a bit worried. At night she does not roost with the other girls any more and does not seem interested in coming out during the day etc. Is this normal? Should I be concerned that it's a sign of illness etc?
It sounds to me like she might be going broody. I've never had one do it yet, but my RIR squawks at me if I come in while she's in there. It's really kind of funny:) Maybe you should try to let her hatch some:) I just love little bitties.
she's just going broody....trying to hatch her egg out. Perfectly normal but if you don't want her sitting you can research online how to break her of it. Usually it's by removing them from a "nest" area for a few days (like into a plain wire cage) so she won't have a place to lay an egg and will forget about it. Eventually she'll go back to laying on her own if you choose not to do anything to break her of it.

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