Constructing our First Coop


8 Years
Apr 6, 2014
My DH has caught the bug! Even before finishing this, he's talking about extending the run :) *I love it!


Question : there will be exposed rafters in the ceiling. We'll be putting 1x1 welded wire to keep critters out up there. Would the gap in the front and back at the roof be adequate ventilation, do you think? Thanks for your input.
We'll be putting on a metal roof and using extra to bury and on the lower three feet on 3 sides. 1x1 welded wire on the front bottom and 1x2 to the top. We'll be putting a small window on the front when we find one. Ventilation is my biggest concern. I really know nothing about that.
I should probably add the dimensions. The coop is 6'x8'. Overall is 8'x15'. It doesn't appear so in the pic, but there is room underneath the coop as well. The backside is higher. I hope the boogers don't lay eggs under there! Lol
I used a box fan during the hot days until I could put a window in. Place a thermometer in there to monitor temp. As for the underneath, I wired mine closed, they always hid in there.
Yeah, I'm thinking we'll have to extend the run and do the same thing. It sounded good, less likely to get snakes inside the coop, I hope.
Good tip on the thermometer, btw! Thanks :) *We'll definitely be using a box fan, maybe a mister, too.

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