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    Being into the over 2 year mark since the idea and start of this chicken raising project began, it has brought forth many issues and concerns. Location, construction material, size, run area, water, feed, perching roosts, nesting boxes, predator protection, ventilation, heat or no heat, lighing, flood light, drainage, and poop cleanup and bedding are just several concerns that are sure to enter into the factor. Chicken behavior is not part of your material list! We have finally reached the "Tweaking" mode and continuous maintenance stage of this endeavor! I'm sure that anything short of a short story book wouldnt cover all the tasks and frustrations we encountered.
    Stumbling onto this web site and all its assets and friendly peoples opinions has helped immensly. Both my girlfriend and myself had the good fortune of retiring from Ford Motor Company. Our company promoted a plan called "continuous maintenance" and upkeep that helped significntly in resolving issues and concerns of plant operations and future successes. My girlfriend and I always openly discuss our coop and all the related tasks that we encounter being new to this sometimes nightmarish, yet rewarding project we dreamed up. If and when you finally reach this stage, pat yourself on the back! Focus on things that you can improve on and make life easier while enjoying your chickens. This is our first winter with "Our Roost" and the continued maintenance will be ongoing finding new ways and ideas to deal with coop and chickens adaptability. A special thanks to this web site and wishing all of you a very special Holiday season! Merry Christmas and to all a happy chicken New Year!
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    It's always great to hear that BYC has been helpful, and made life better for both the chickens and their owners. Thanks for posting!

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