controlling humidity when incubating??

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    hi BYCers
    I just brought a janoel 12 incubator (off eBay) and I don't think there's a humidity control button, so I think I have to control it by how much water I put into it, I says to put in 100mls, but I dosent say how much to put in on days 18-21,
    does anyone know how to control this??

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    Humidity is controlled by the surface area of water not overall volume. Looking at that model I don't see if there are varying well sizes in the bottom or even if there are water wells in it.

    If there are no water wells you'll have to put something in to maintain the humidity at the level you want. A shot glass of water may work but with such a small unit that may even be too much surface area. Trial and error until you find what works for the different humidity you want. Try a cutting up a sponge different sizes and adding water to it. Find the size that when dampened give you 40% humidity, incubate with that 18 days. Then put in the size of sponge that gave you 60% humidity and finish off last three days with that.
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    I'm not familiar with the incubator model. But you can take Egghead's excellent recommendation just a bit further if incubator design allows, and add water to the sponge via a syringe attached to a length of aquarium airline tubing that is threaded through a hole in the bator. That way, you can add water without opening the incubator. I used sponges for my first hatch with good results.

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