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12 Years
May 29, 2010
I want to free-range my Japs, they are starting to get used to me, FINALLY! The Silkies are lovers, so they should be just fine when I let them out. One popped through a gap in the fence and stayed next to the run and she didn't run when she saw me. ^.^

So, one wing on each Jap is clipped. Is there anything else I can do to make them less able to 'get air' and hop a 4ft fence? They are 5in(maybe 6in) near square holes in it, it's a standard field/cattle fence. These guys walk through the fence like it's not even there, so, it might be a bad idea either way to let them roam...

Either way, wanted to know if you trim both wings, will they get less air? Any other way to 'weigh' them down?
Ball and chain?

no but really, how much space are we talking about? inside the fence and outside the fence? what does your surrounding area involve?
I never clipped my leghorn's wings and they do fine. we live on only one acre of land and they rarely stray off of it. we don't have fences either. we only have 15 birds out at a time though. we have more hens but i don't want 30 hens on my front porch and stuff
2 acres, front of the house has a 55mph road, most people go 65. It's a farm town with a main road cutting through.
Back is a hay field and the right side is a neighbor with 2 dogs. Right neighbor has 2 dogs, left is a graveyard.

I had two Japs escape day one, luckily for them, the back right neighbor's dogs don't bother them. Would the runaway birds get my birds to go astray, or will the flock get the two to come back with them?

Part of the fence at the front has 6-7ft hedges with thorns in it, don't think they will pass that. The other part, we just put up 'no-climb horse fencing, for my tiny mutt dog, so they can't get through that. But the sides and back, easy as pie to waddle through.

I think I am more 'chicken' than I should be. The Silkies might teach me to chill out though. Since they don't stray and are so friendly. They taught the Japs to come out to the run, not to fear me as much and that I have treats for them.

On a side, not related, note, two new eggs today! Lol. Finally in the bucket nests!! Yay, thought they hated those...the bedding was always tossed out. I tried putting in eggs, but nothing.
Yes they will lead them astray, mine did go on the neighbor's lot before they decided to stay around the house. So depending on far away from the road you are it might not be a good idea. I personally found if I only let them out around supper time they tend to stay closer
i had a hard time with that
but eventually i just gave up
and mine were guineas
try catching a guinea
not very easy thing to do
i would just let them out
if there able to fly they might be about to get away from the dogs and get into a tree
i dont have many predators around here so i dont worry to much about my birds getting killed
i would think that if your runnaway japs have survived so far then the others would be able to to
and maybe if the ones you have in the coop that havent escaped yet go inside the coop at night then maybe they would lead the runaways in the coop as well
i dont know
just adding my input

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