Conures: What comes to your mind, your experiences?


May 20, 2015
Hudson Valley New York
I'd like to start it off with a question, or poll... Has your conure "chosen" a family member? changed preference of chosen person?
My "Present" 3 years ago was a Pineapple Green Cheek Conure. She lovingly tolerated me until we went on a long weekend away, when we came home she hated me, that was just less than a year after getting her. She now will fly around the apartment to hunt me down and attack me. She has since then attached to my husband, he can even pucker his squishy lips right up and lay one on her beak... unbelievable...
What's your experience? Do you think this will ever change? (it didn't even after he left for a week for business).


Oct 3, 2013
Ive only had my yellowsided conure for about 5 months now so i dont have a lot of experience with this species. My conure loves being with everyone, he is nippy at times but he has his triggers and if we avoid those we avoid a bite. He prefers me a little over everyone else as I am his primary caregiver. Other than that he is fine with everyone aslong as they are not afraid of him (he will seriously try and attack anyone who is afraid of birds) but will cuddle up to anyone who baby talks him. What I would do if I were you is baby talk her when she is in her cage. When she is being particularly nice, give her some treats. I think that she felt betrayed that you left. Or it could be that she became "mature" and has chosen your husband as her "mate".

I hope this helps. Ive never experienced a bird that acted as yours so I may not be of much help.


5 Years
Mar 22, 2015
Some birds have a gender preference. We had a rescue green cheek who hated women. If my daughter or me would try to get near him he would puff up and call us names. My husband could just walk up there and pick him up. I would get bitten.

We currently have 2 suns. One we raised from 12 weeks old and the other is a 12yr old rehome. Both are female. Chili, the young one loves me and my husband equally while Poppy, the older one is tolerant of me and will dance with me or goof off, but does not like me to touch her. She's recently begun attacking my husband who she did have a clear preference for when we first got her. I put it down to hormones and nest protection since she's been shredding paper and seems to think a whiffle ball is her egg and my husband goes over to clean up and make noise which she does not like.

And we also have a moustached parakeet male. He will run, I mean RUN to my husband for a treat but if my husband puts him on his shoulder Skipper will take a chunk out of him. But he will not bite me or our daughter, ever. He's a gentle bird but during mating season I think he's viewing my husband as a threat.

It is currently mating season, you will see issues with mature female birds getting attitude problems.

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