Converted: goat barn to brooder with run


5 Years
Jan 20, 2017
South Jordan, Utah
We started with an old goat barn - really little more than a small shed. You can see we tried to get an early start but the weather had other things in mind. All DH managed to do before the snow came was install the wooden base of the run and drive some supports.

But the weather cleared and DH was able to finish the run, install some roosts in the coop, and put some ventilation in it.
Chicken run for outdoor brooder.jpg
He built this run for the new chicks. Once they are older, the pullets and one lucky cockerel will join the main flock. Wood frame made out of 2x8s and 2x4s. There's a hoop of hog fencing that forms the dome, and then 4-ft wide 1/2-inch gauge hardware cloth that is an apron around the bottom and on both ends of the tunnel. It's connected to the mini-coop (re-purposed goat barn) via a plywood box tunnel he built. Then UV-treated tarp over the top, and a door with the 1/2-in hardware cloth. Oh, and about 300 zip-ties ... DH says they are the greatest invention since water and air.
Now that it's warmer, we'll add shade cloth to the door.
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