Converting a shed

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Sep 1, 2011
Newton Aycliffe
I have recently gained a few additions to my flock in the way of chicks, so will need a new coop eventually to accommodate the new girls. I am planning to convert a shed as my new coop. Is an overlap cladded shed sufficient if I put boards around the bottom so there are no gaps and add a hatch and nest boxes? I will also waterproof the bottom.
We converted our old shed. It added a lot of hassle for us only because we were adding on to it (it wasn't big enough). I think it saved a lot in materials, but also limited some design aspects due to the location of the door and the pitch of the roof, but I still am glad we used it that way as the shed was not in use! Our other problems involved the existing shed not being square and level, but yours is probably in better shape so go for it! We did add insulation to ours in the floor, walls and ceiling. Have fun!
We converted an old shed to our coop and I like it well enough. Im not sure what an overlap cladded shed is though. Do you have a picture? The one thing I like best about using a shed is the size! I think mine is 12'x8' so there is plenty of room for my brood.
As soon as I get enough posts I plan to post some pictures to get feedback and suggestions.

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