Converting an old garage into a coop?

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    Has anyone ever done this? We have an old two door garage next to the house. We use one side of the garage for cars, tools, and equipment, but the other side was used to park the chicken coop in last winter, and that's were it has stayed. (Our coop was built on a 4 x 8 foot trailer so we could move it when needed) The problem is that our obsession has grown a little to large for the coop we have been using. It is still parked inside of the garage, but all but three hens roost on top of the coop. We have a wall built from chicken wire seperating the two sides of the garage. We just open the garage door up about a foot and a half each morning and shut it once all the chickens go in to roost. So I was thinking about moving the coop out and using it for our bantams, and converting that side of the garage into a coop. I just need some ideas and suggestions.

    Sorry for the mixed up post, but at the moment my brain is also a little mixed up... It has been a long day, and the heat has gotten to me! Thank goodness for air conditioning!!
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    I am planning on doing just this with the garage on the property I just bought. It's an OLD garage without a fourth wall or door, just three walls and a roof.

    The plan is to make a solid (not liftable) wall across the front, with a people door and an 18 inch wide strip of hardware cloth for ventilation across the whole front, up high. I'll have the chicken door cut into one wall out into the yard, with an automatic door for them. I'm reserving about a quarter of the garage for a brooding and "tween-ager" chick area, which will involve a chicken-wire barrier supported by a 2x4 framed wall to keep the adult birds out of it.

    I ordered a 10 nest, rollaway nest system and will be installing that on one wall. There will also be some lower, plastic milk crate nest boxes for the heavier ladies.

    The open rafters will be great from which to hang the big, metal feeders. I'll also have some chicken nipple waterers at various levels for the different sized chickens (bantams and LF birds) just so they do have some water inside if they need to stay inside for any length of time. Normally, I have multiple waterers outside.
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    Can't really help you there,but it sounds like a good idea to me! My DH has a TWO CAR garage....and do you THINK we ever PARK in it!? No.....I keep trying to talk him into making one half of it a small barn area.....I have to wear him down some more....he's got this THING for tools...[​IMG]
    Hope both your plans go post pics when you finish them [​IMG]

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