Converting just part of an existing outbuilding into a coop?

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    Jan 22, 2013
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    Anyone have any ideas on converting just part of an outbuilding into a coop? We're thinking of using the nearest end section of this building. That section currently doesn't have a door or any windows. Only a dirt floor. We would be storing a lawn mower and small tractor in the far two sections that have doors.

    I know we would need to add some cross ventilation and predator security at the very least.

    Anyone have any ideas or have pictures of what you have done? Particularly taking an existing building and only using part of it. Thanks!


    And the back of the building:

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    Feb 14, 2012
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    Looks like a great building to start with.

    I would keep the dirt floor and go with a deep litter method.

    Looks like you have room for feed storage right next door. I would even build a PVC type feeder that you could fill from the other side of the wall. I've seen pictures on other thread where they've done that. Maybe a nipple watering system with a tank on the other side of the wall. I like to mess around with projects like that - maybe you prefer a more simple approach.

    Ventilation windows with hardware wire built into the frame. Maybe use a circular saw to cut the windows out and use that material as a hinged shutter for foul weather.

    Good luck!

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