Coon attack/ A.M. Radio solution?


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May 12, 2007
I had a raccoon attack over the weekend lost two birds. First time I have ever even seen a trace of any raccoons, never got into the garbage no paw prints on the deck nothing. It was sad the little punk coons got an eye hook loose gave them just enough space to get in to one of my coops. I consider it lucky they only got two of eight. Why couldn't they get the mean roo? Anyway. After some new latches and bungi cords things are much more secure. I have read a lot of posts about raccoons it sounds like the only thing that will keep them away is humans and dogs. Well my working dog is with the goats pretty far away from the coops. So my next thought was to leave an A.M. radio on all night in the chicken pen. I haven't seen any evidence of coons since I've done this. No little hand prints nothing moved around. So my question is this pure coincidence or does the voices on talk radio keep them away? Just wondering if anyone else has thoughts on this.
I would think that eventually they will habituate to the sound. Although, some people here say the radio has worked for them for years at preventing attacks. Maybe you could plug the radio into a motion detector?
People use radios here for raccoon deterrent with success and they tune them to a talk type radio program.
I wonder how effective a radio would be after a coon attack. I've been told that once raccoons get a chicken dinner someplace, they keep coming back for more and can be pretty persistent at testing the defenses until they find a weak spot. If I were you, I'd really secure my coop with spring clip latches at the least (and padlocks at the most). I wouldn't rely on bungee cords...those can be chewed through pretty quickly.

The other thing I'd do is set a trap. If you can get rid of the raccoons that got your birds, your coop will be safer because the individuals who have learned about this food source will be gone.
Elmo, you might be right. Whenever I read about someone using a radio to deter raccoons, I immediately think of many campgrounds that I've been in, teaming with people, activity and noise and seeing raccoons sneaking around. We once were sitting around a campfire (being fairly loud and boisterous) and had them break into the cooler which was not more than 20' away. Now, granted, those animals deal with noise and activity every day, but it makes me wonder. I also seem to recall a P&P posting where they had a radio on and were still attacked by raccoons. It'd be great to know how often that happens. I guess, in the end, it is a very cheap thing to try and probably won't hurt.
We have a radio that plays off and on during the day and night. It will NOT keep predators away.

Electric fence is the best solution. Put it about 6 inches off the ground and at the top of the coop. Turn it on after all the birds are in the coop in the evening and off before you let them out in the morning. We haven't lost any birds in 1 1/2 years since putting it up.

as far as setting a trap my only hang up is putting even more out there to attract coons. but i guess they are so persistent they will probably be back around anyway.
also I'm not relying on the bungees I did put new latches on. its almost overkill three bolt latches and bungees. I guess its just one more line of defense that helps me sleep at night. Jeez now I sound all defensive.....sorry bout that

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