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    Sad to say it has been many years since I have had a raccoon problem and unfortunately good fortune came to an end last night.. At least one coon, maybe more, killed one of my roosters and a hen. Along with the brutal attack two other hens were horrifically attacked. I am actually thinking the coon got into the coop as they just went in to roost for the night because evidence shows struggle in the coop. Anyway, I just missed this occurring and of course the guilt is tremendous. I gathered the remains of the hen, the rooster was gone and I brought the two injured hens to the barn to evaluate in the light. What I saw about floored me.. both had significant damage to the flesh on their heads and necks.. stripped bare it appeared.. bleeding and raw. I doctored them as I could not bring my self to "finish the deed" I actually thought that from shock (both were definately in it) they would succumb to the injuries over night.. I was wrong. They have both survived and actually show a bit more energy.. able to move around, took in some poultry boost supplement.. no active bleeding and I covered the wounds with an activated /medicated charcoal powder used for wounds in large animals.. it seemed to have dried up the raw areas. I placed them in isolation together in a dark, quiet area with food and water after tending to them and hugging them! I know they must be hurting.. is there any pain killers that would be safe.. Both seem to be fighters at this point and are not "laying down" Their eyes seemed more regular and they had coloring back in their face.. last night both were pale and had huge dilated eyes... Traps are set for the coons.. It is rough to have to deal with nature.. it is even worse when the coon wastes so much of the chickens and just eats heads! Fingers crossed my girls improve.. but am interested if anyone has had any horrific injuries where birds came through. Prior to this brutal attack, all my girls were healthy to begin with so hoping that helps if but a little.

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    Chickens can have amazing recoveries from bad injuries. They stand a good chance, if you can avoid infection. You might want to use antibiotic (duramycin) if they show any signs of infection. Blu Kote is good for protecting the injured areas.
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    Coons usually eat more than just the head. A mink or weasel will usually decapitate and eat the head.
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    I really hope they make it. [​IMG]
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    initially I did coat them with blue coat... then put the activated charcoal on them.. may look to pick up some antibiotics.. thankfully the weather is cooler so flies are not an issue.. would like them to pull through even if they never look the same.. I would rather have a bald hen then a dead one!

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