Coop almost done & chicks almost ready - Any help with suggestions??


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Sep 26, 2013
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My 12 Australorp chicks are now seven weeks old, and they are beginning to attempt regular breakouts of their brooder (a large refrigerator box). None have escaped the garage, but it won't be long I suspect.

The hen house is just about ready. It is 5 X 10 ft., metal roof, wood panel 4 ft. tall all around and hardware cloth above that and on the ceiling. All I need to do is add litter and a perch.

Since we live on the gulf coast, I think I will be OK tacking some clear 4 mil plastic on top of the hardware cloth when it appears to be cooling for a while.


1. Too early to put the birds outside?
2. Any ideas about perch placement and construction? Two perchs, one over another? How long?
3. Do people keep water inside, or outside?

Thanks for your help.
As long as you can make sure they stay warm on a cool night. (light inside), I put mine out as soon as weather is good.

I always give a double perch, one about 12-14" above the other, but off-set it so upper can't poop on lower

If they have a run outside, I leave water out. stays cleaner.

good luck and nice house.

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