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Mar 25, 2017
South Carolina
Hi! not sure I'm doing this right, and may be posting this in the wrong place, so please forgive me! But I need help! My husband and I have just started raising chickens, and we have had a chick explosion! We got a little carried away, and now we have almost a hundred (hard to count 'em) chicks, and 14 ranging in age from 5 months to 2 years. We are planning to have coops and runs built, but need some kind of plan for multiples, separating each breed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. The only problem we've had, is that we get so attached to these babies! I have already shed many tears over chicks that didn't make it, assisted shrink wrapped chicks (that are doing very well) and relinquished my sun room and laundry room to brooders. I never would have dreamed these little critters could win me over like they have. This site has been a life saver! Advice would be greatly appreciated!
You're a victim of what we call chicken math...Happens to us all...As far as seperating it can be done by building a shed or barn style coop and putting in stall type areas with half walls which you can use to attach roosts to and then poultry wire from half wall up to roof between areas to allow for ventilation then just add door to each area from outside for you to enter. Depending on how many breeds you're seperating. Runs can be done on opposite side your access is to barn/shed corresponding to areas you have seperated inside. Or your entrances could be thru the run and into the seperated areas making use of both sides of structure for runs. Hope that made sense...Lol Good Luck.

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