Coop and run requirements for meaties.

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    My sister just asked me for advice about building her coop and run for meaties. I know for my hens the general space requirements are 4' sq inside with 9" roost space, and 10' sq outside per bird for a permanent structure. Those numbers seem awfully high for meat birds and I wondered if there are different recommendations for the meaties. Also, do you have roosts available to your meat birds? Why/Why not?

    She has 100+ dual purpose "Cackle frypan special" cockerels. Just listening to her descriptions of the birds I think the breeds they sent will take quite a while to reach slaughter weight. Sounds like Barred Rocks, Easter Eggers (she has quite a few with green legs), New Hampshire or Rhode Island Reds, Buff Orpingtons and the like from her descriptions. At about what age would they reach fryer size? roaster size?


    ETA I guess I'll repost this on the coops topic as well and see if I get an answer there. Just thought I might have more luck here, since its specific to meat birds.
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