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    babies will like their new home? They have been spoiled rotten living in my sunroom in 2 nice rabbit hutches. They stroll in and out of their cages during the day (while we are home)... they get treats all the time, tap on the sliding glass doors to be let out in the yard... tap to come back in. They stroll into the living room and have a 4 silkie pile-up for nap time behind the chairl... and oh, did I mention Princess Wilamena? She has pretty much house broken herself so she feels there is no need for her to be outside. She sleeps on an overstuffed chair in the corner (which is covered for its protection even though she has never pooed on it)... and pretty much rules the house. (Wilamena is a bantam WC Polish hen) (Silkies are 13 weeks old and Wilamena is 26 weeks)

    Will I ever get them outside? Will they be okay outside after being inside? The sunroom is not heated... so I was hoping they would be somewhat acclimated to the temperature drops... but then again, we cover them at night to keep the drafts off. Will I be able to stand it with them outside? I love to go get a couple and have them on my lap when watching TV.

    What do you think? We are in Bucks County, PA... basically have Philadelphia weather temps.


    Will post pics later today when I get home.
  2. Well, it's my understanding that is very easy to spoil a Silkie- I know I would.
    That aside, I hope the Silkie owners will come in here, because I think these are a cold-sensitive breed, so some consideration is required.
    Is the coop insulated?
    Do they have a huddle box?
    How dense is the feathercoat- anybody molting?
    Will you be moving the rabbit hutches out with them as they adapt?
    Will you be installing a television for them? (tempting)[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
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