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    Feb 18, 2017
    So this past week on vacation I've started building my coop. It's 8x10 with the front couple feet being dry storage. So far the walls are framed up on the floor. I also started building inside as I was waiting to pick up the rest of the lumber for the roof and siding. Anyways, today I built my roosting posts in a ladder set up that's hinged so I can clean under them. I'm just not sure if they're too close together (between posts) they start about 10" from the wall and then they about 8" apart and 12" in height difference. [​IMG]
    The first is about 8" off the ground. Then the next just under 2' then another around 3'. Will this work well? This is my first coop build and I've been somewhat building on the fly. Here are a few photos of what else I have so far
    Start of the nesting boxes[​IMG]
    Whole coop as it sits now[​IMG]
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