Coop build; What should I use to seal corners/cracks?


9 Years
Jun 26, 2010
Western Washington
Afternoon everyone!

Well, We've been working on it for a few weekends and it's getting there. I'm just worried about what DH and I should use to seal the corners/cracks. We live in Colorado so we need to make sure those edges won't have issues in extreme cold or heat. The guide we bought just said to caulk them but that doesn't seem to be enough to me.
Any sugestions?

Pics of where we are now...


I'm new to this but I built a couple icefishing shacks and I just used silicon caulk. Make sure it is warm when youput it on though, otherwise it won't stick.
There won't be any cracking years later because it doesn't dry out and it isn't toxic
I use 100% silicone on my house, and my coop. Good stuff, just apply when warm. A few bucks more than other stuff, but worth it imho. Quarter-round won't give you the air seal you're needing, unless, get this, you put silicone caulk underneath it when you install it.
I would trim it with the same strips you are using on the edge (with liquid nails). That would also help to make it stronger.

It does look good so far... please post pics when it is done
You may want to from the outside, add some 1x4 stips along all the edges and overlap one of the edges. It will add strength, you will be able to screw them to one another and the result will cover the gap. From the exterior it will be a molding all around the coop that you can then paint a different color and make it look cute - i believe someone else posted that they like things to be 'cute'
See my BYC page for pics of my Coop, I built it nearly 20 years ago and caulked every seam with the basic latex caulk prior to painting it. It has held up well. I also used roofing tar on the roof edges prior to installing the metal drip edges. I also tarred the rafter ends when I built it and again a couple years ago on the upside of the roof when I noticed some aging wear & tear. The downside rafter ends were also tarred when I built it, but they have the rain gutter nailed into them also, which seals them nicely. The windows I put in were salvaged and the grout was falling out of the window panes. I used the 50 year silicone caulk on them when reglazing the glass and they haven't had any problems either.
As a side note: I installed angle iron pieces from an old bedframe on the door threshold to prevent rodent chewing, it worked. I did that because I remembered my Grandmothers coop with mice/rat chew holes at the door threshold, also because I'm always using a wheelbarrow at the door for adding and removing the Deep litter, the angle iron prevents wear & tear.
Your coop looks great!! I like the design.... I agree with the silicone, that should really give you a good seal and keep out the air.
I agree with adding some corner supports on the outside and silicone caulking the inside. I went nuts with the caulk
... I put it in every hole and seam on the inside and out before painting.

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