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Feb 6, 2009
South Louisiana
Just about have my coop ready for paint and wire. Built the coop and run over an old raised 4x12 planter I no longer used. Took lots of inspiration from coop designs on this site. Run is 4x12 and coop is 4x4x4 with the additional two nest box space. Built it with the big window in front which can stay open most of the year for ventilation. Space at the top rear of the coop which is approximately 4 inches x 4 foot will be wired in and left open for venting. Also has a long triangle piece at the top right which can fold down for even more venting. Living in south Louisiana the heat is the biggest concern. Just get a few days a year which have freezing night temps. Plan to hang the feeder and water under the coop. The entire front of the coop under the window swings open for easy cleaning. Side of the nest box folds down from outside for easy egg collection. I put in two 4 foot long roosts. The one at the front is 28" off the floor and right in front of the window. The one at the back is 22" off the floor. I plan to keep 6 hens in this setup. They should get some free range time outside the run most days as well so although the space is a little on the small side for 6 I think they should do well.




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Awesome!!! I am going to steal the swing open front idea for my new coop!! I might also steal the idea of the door under the coop to access food and water. SMART. The longer I linger on this site the more ideas I get

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