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Aug 18, 2013
Ok, So I'm constructing the door to my coop and so far all is well except my door is sagging down (the side opposite the hinges). Is there a way I can pull it up or brace the door to stop the sag? I've already tried moving the hinge and that hasn't stopped the sag. I was thinking a beam from the bottom of the door to the side that has the hinges so it kind of holds it? (Screwed on a 45 degree angle or something?)
Cool, That's what I'm thinking, The frame of the door is a rectangle with a support beam across the middle, If I make the diagonal brace and screw it from the middle support to the edge where the hinges are that should then hold it?
I would screw into the bottom cross piece near the hinge and then lift the swinging edge to square it up (maybe even a hair past) and then screw into your top and middle cross pieces- like a Z. It will held stop the sagging.
Hubby saved the day lol. Came home from work and fixed it for me :) The door now doesn't sag but I'm going to add another brace to ensure it won't happen in the future :)


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