Coop built around a custom window.

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    So after lurking on the boards for a year I finally had to get some advice on one of my birds. She is on the mend thanks to the community. I would feel bad consuming content without posting something of my own. So here is our coop built. We started with an odd custom window from a surplus store and just kept building from there.

    We let the slope of the window set our roofline
    Here are the girls previewing the digs

    Cheap dog ear fence cut for siding and picket fencing for the door, and some cool strap hardware
    Bella throwing a 'coop d'etat'
    Siding on
    Run added
    Self leveling cement floor for easy cleaning
    Stained the wood and caulked the window in.
    Grown up a little, added pavers around to keep stuff from digging under.
    Cedar shingle roof to finish.
    Not shown is whitewashed interior, roost bar, and added some led solar Christmas style lights

    All in all it has been up one year, and has handled all four seasons fairly well. There is a lot of head-space in the winter and we had the first signs of frostbite at one point this year. Granted it was single digits for a couple days. We add a landscape flood light on the side without a window on real cold nights now. That is the side with the roost and no window, so it heats without shining on the birds all night. We also have a couple mini goats now and added a creep gate to keep them from eating chicken grain.

    Hopefully this gives someone some cool ideas, and feel free to ask any questions.
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    My Coop
    This is the best pic!!

    Welcome to BYC!
    What is your location?
    What kind of ventilation on that coop.....and the dimensions?
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    Hi, real nice coop. You need a vent on the upper side Of the tall side. That will let out warm stale air and help prevent frost bite. it's the humidity in the cold air that helps create frostbite.
    So the vent lets out the moisture and that helps prevent. Frostbite. Best, Karen

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