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Apr 28, 2015
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I'm converting an 11' x 11' shed into a chicken coop. I built a small door for hens to go outside into fenced in area and back into coop. Person door, and windows( 2 on front, 2 on side) already there. Working on roost and nesting boxes. I am going to build a tiered roost, and put trays underneath with shavings to catch poop, since I read they do much of their pooping while roosting at night. Also, the shed/coop has a concrete floor.

Here's my question...should I only worry about shavings under the roosting area, or should I cover the floor of the whole 11" x 11" coop with shavings?



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Dec 15, 2012
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They will poop every where, not just the spot over the roost so shavings every where will make it easier to clean. And putting bedding all over the floor will be better on their feet and give them something to scratch through which is important to a chicken! This will be especially good if you ever sleep in, have terrible weather or other issues and can't let them out to the run/to free range.

When your birds come off the roost in the morning they will jump and flap down in a diagonal line from the roost to the floor. Having shavings to land in will help them avoid injury to their feet. This in turn reduces the chance of "bumble foot".

Congrats on your new accommodations!


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I assume the shed has a regular floor not just dirt. I would second the putting shavings over the whole floor for the reasons katbriar stated.
I have an 8x14 and the shavings only need fully changed out about every 2 to 3 weeks depending on the weather and if they chose to stay in a lot. With droppings boards you may not need to clean it that often even.
I chose not to have droppings boards since when I did they would lay the eggs in the farthest corner under them.

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My coop has a concrete floor, with shavings at least four to six inches deep. It works great, just add shavings on top and scatter some scratch so they keep working up the bedding. Clean out twice a year, and it's good. Mary

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