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    Jun 1, 2010
    I just about have my run completed (8'W x 8L' x 6H). I'm thinking about how I'm going to build the coop (8 hens max) and am looking at a 4'W x 6'L x 3'H. I would like to place three 12" nest boxes on the inside of coop, in the short end (4'W). My plan is to place two roosting bars equal distance apart in the remaining 5 feet left (24" off the floor). The poles would run across the width. The end opposite the nest boxes would be where the feeder is located. That end is also where an access door will be located for cleaning the coop. See below (D=cleaning access door, d=hen entrance, I=roost bar, X=nest box, F=feeder). Any suggestions? Should I go 4 feet high since the roost bars at 24" will only give a foot of headway? Thanks.

    . F I I .
    D I I X.
    D I I X. 4'W
    D I I X.
    . I I .
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    I would go at least 4' high if you have the room for it for several reasons: 1, Easier to clean 2. roost typically are higher than nest boxes....or hens will sleep in box instead of roost. 3. I don't know where you live, but in winter time you will need to still vent. chickens normally do well with cold/dry, but cold/wet is bad. Cold wet would come from waste on ground not getting a chance to ventilate as well as breathing of hens...a little height would allow warm wet air to rise and evaporate, verses stay low with the hens.

    Just my thoughts...there are tons of people way more experienced than I that could give better advice...

    Good Luck on the build, we'll forward to pics when completed.

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