Coop Design for Temperate Climes...not too pretty.

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  1. TammyTX

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    Feb 16, 2009
    This is the coop I had built 15 years ago. (pic 1) The design works very well for climates where it doesn't get too cold but it does get too hot. In the next month I need to do some repair work and power wash the inside....I would show the inside but it's full of misc items.

    The back part of the coop is where the roost are and under the roost is very strong fencing, like a hog panel (cut to fit) with welded wire on top of that. All of the poo falls to the ground and it is soooo easy to shovel it up and put it in the compost every couple of months.


    I can fold down the three sides around the roost area in times of really cold weather (pic 2), but here in central Texas it doesn't usually get below the mid-high 20's in winter.


    Hopefully...this fall I can talk my husband into building me a cordwood coop, in this same design-but larger. I want a split house/yard for my layers and my (future) meat birds now that I have found a processor. The cordwood will keep the birds insulated from hot and cold (pic 3-not my photo from


    All of the beautiful coops on this forum have inspired me to repaint and pretty-fy it up. Although I do kinda dig the 80+ year old barn sides we used for part of it.
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    My Coop
    I have the same problem. I live in north central Florida and I think the temps here are about the same as where you are. I did insulate my coop but more for helping to keep the coop cooler in the hot long summers we have. Also plenty of ventilation. I put the coop under a live oak tree in the summer for shading the coop and the run is covered.
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    Feb 17, 2009
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    Where's the processor of yours?
  4. orchidchick

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    Mar 23, 2008
    south florida

    that is some smart thinking for us warm weather peeps for the roost area. If I ever have a full size coop, you can bet it will have that feature! The coop I have now is just a converted cattle feeder with screened doors which is great for my bad back, but that is when I started with 3 hens and of course I am now up to seven, one of them being a roo! I'll see how long that lasts!!!!

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    Cool Texas Coop .. I just some of that heat would get here:cool:
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    But you know what - I love the way the surface has weathered to that beautiful grey color, plus it has a pleasing shape and it looks well built. So if it was mine I'd just fix it up, maybe make the door a bit nicer looking and maybe add new windows and painted trim in a nice color to contrast with the weathered usrface.


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