Coop Design for the Desert?

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11 Years
Mar 4, 2008
Tucson, Arizona
I'm hatching my first peeps right now, and we're going to be building a coop for my birds in an area that has wildlife (Tucson Desert area). We def. have coyotes and javalinas, and an occasional wild cat. I'm hatching geese, ducks, and chickens...

So, any tips on an idea pen for these situations? I know I need to cover the top because we have hawks in this area, and my MIL lost her turkeys to them several years ago.

Also, what space needs do these guys have? I want to keep the chickens and the waterbirds in separate pens. I have a nice, big, rabbit hutch that I can put the chicks in, but I doubt it's large enough for more than a couple adults. I think it's about 2.5' X 4'.

Any tips would be great! Thanks!
Maybe check out the coop pages and see what you like? General rules say figure 4 sq inside and 10 sq outside per bird. Since it is so hot, a 3 sided coop may be just fine!

Welded wire runs and buried or L shaped at the bottom should help with predators. An electric fence may also help out.

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