Coop Design - lets work on this together and see where we end up!


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May 5, 2014
UCLA - Upper Corner of Lower Alabama
I have a need to expand my housing complex for my ladies. Here's the scoop.

I had 4 Orpington type hens. At around 16 weeks they became a buffet for the local wildlife - while free ranging.

I built a chicken tractor for them. The only problem is I get carried away and over build things. It got to where it took a real tractor to move it.

So it got permanently parked on a concrete slab. I then added a 10" X 10" "screened in porch" as my wife calls it. This was to be a safe area to move about in. Remember I only had 4 chickens.

Well now, Thanks to Kimberly up near Birmingham AL I now have 8 (!) beautiful Blue Orpingtons of direct English background. The mommy hen was BIG and I feel these little guys will be too.

So I'm generating a housing crisis as these little peeps rapidly try to eat all the Starter/Grower feed in Chambers County.

I don't plan on ever free ranging again. I also don't want to reduce the 100 sq ft run they now have. So I want to build outside the run and tie them solidly together. Land I have lots of - like 14 acres.
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What I have in mind is perhaps a tower like structure that's 4X4X8 tall. Full simple sheets of plywood. A stick built 2X4 frame for the guts of the thing.

I think of perhaps having a floor at the 4 foot level giving two 4X4X4 cubes. Roost room on top.

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I envisioned - possibly - using the lower cube as a weather proof feed/water room for them with a storage cabinet for feed and tools.

What layouts, ideas, suggestions and changes do y'all (
) have to offer.

Let's see what we can create. Nothing is in stone and all is up for change!

Please help and lets have fun.

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