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Sep 6, 2008
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I read in the FAQ section this quote "Inside a minimum of 2 square feet of floor space. Outside, a minimum of 10
square feet in the run per bird (some say 4 sq. ft., but that's only 2x2,
and I personally think that's restrictive)."

We're building our coop this weekend so I need to get this nailed down. I have read everywhere else that the requirements were 4sf/ chicken. But it never defines whether it's indoor or outdoor space. Is the above quote accurate? If so, we can scale back our coop and save some $$!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Please help!:eek:

Our chicks are growing VERY quickly!
Build it as big as you can stand, you will not regret it and neither will your chickens.

Personally my chickens have like 8-15 sq ft INDOORS plus more than that outdoors, and I am really uncomfortable with how they act when there's less. At the very least I'd advocate going with what most people here consider appropriate, i.e. 4 sq ft per hen indoors PLUS 6-10 sq ft per hen outdoors.

Bigger is ALWAYS better. Especially when you realize next year you want more chickens <g>

Have fun,

Bigger is better. I'm making plans right now to build a larger permanent coop. The one I have now is about 8' x 8'. that is built on skids so I can move it around. My run has wheels on to so that it can be moved. Also I move their range area, as I fence in an area for my birds. When I did let them truly free range they demolished my gardens.
Thank you for your input so far. How do they act if they have restricted space indoors? I'm very new to this adventure with my first 7 chicks still in the brooder (they're about 1 1/2 weeks old) and we're totally in love with them already.
If you love them now just purple chicken says they are evil...they draw you in. You have seven now just wait in a year it will double, triple, or ?

Go as big as you can you wont regret it.

I've built two new coops this year for my specialty chickens so they dont cross breed.

Good Luck...
I built a little 4 x 6 a couple of months ago and now i am overrun with chickens lol. Needless to say I am looking at an 10 x 12 for my fall project lol.

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