coop door open or closed at night?


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May 9, 2011
South Plainfield , NJ
Hi ,
It has been getting quit warm at night here in New Jersey and I know that the coop where I keep the chicks at night will be great in winter time . But what about summer time when it gets really hot at night I dont have a window that I can open for them . There is openings at the underside of the roof that allows air to circulate . Can I let the door open and let them walk in and out if they want ? I'm not worried to much about anything getting at them they are enclosed pretty good .
Thanks for your help. Phil:idunno

You're right chickens can take cold better than heat.

You need to add windows to your shed.

I installed these windows in my shed . . . without cutting any 2x4 studs.

14" x 27"
Safety Glass
White or Brown
Flush Mount or J-channel Mount
$33.00 ea
Lot of 4 $129.95

Here is a link:

Also. most sheds have a vents at the roof peaks . . . I replaced mine with new vents . . . the largest that would fit.

As important as keeping heat down is providing ventilation to keep the smell and humidity down [birds' lungs are more sensitive than humans.]


PS:> My shed had a soffit on the front. I completely removed the soffit and replaced it with small hardware cloth. The shed is MUCH cooler. The hardware cloth keeps critters out.
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Just a friendly word of caution . . . . about predators.

Raccoons and other critters will eventually find your flock and kill birds.
During the day [if the birds free range] you will eventually loose birds to hawks.

The windows I installed did come with screens - which I left installed to keep flies out, etc.
But eventually raccoons will attempt a 'breakin' and those screens won't keep them out - so I've cover the windows with hardware cloth.

Soon I will complete an attached run behind the shed . . . which a wire roof to keep hawks out.

That's what I did . . . let's see if other feel all this is necessary.

Thanks its going to be rough though . Its not that big of a coop .
I leave the pop door open 24/7 in the warmer months & it leads into a secure run. No critter is gettin' in unless it has bolt cutters! The girls like the freedom to stay out late & be up @ the crack of dawn & not have to wait for me to open their pop door.
Hope that helps you!
blueberrychicken ,
Now thats the answer i was looking for I do have a run that's enclosed and you would need cutters to get in . .... Or maybe a shovel ? but i dont think thats going to happen . i will try to leave the door open and see what happens .

Thanks Phil
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This is the week my coop door starts staying open, the run they are in is lovingly (or jokingly) called by my family 'Fort Henny' The only worry I have is thunderstorms, because two of them like to sleep on top of the coop, but the roof is covered in chicken wire and a heavey tarp. Last summer everything was fine, and we were all much happier NOT waiting on me to get up and open the door. I work a late shift.

When the lows at night are 70s' and humidity is high, I am miserable, and since I have confidence in my run, I don't see a reason to shut them in.
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