Coop FINALLY finished, pics, chicks moved in, names? And newbie questions :)

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    Jun 15, 2013
    Thank you all for the warm welcome on the intro thread. I posted this there but it got lost in the shuffle. Started building the coop beginning of June and the Texas heat had me take way longer to build than I intended. But it's finished except for the frames on the windows indoors. Now I'm starting on the run (I wasn't expecting to get chicks older than a few weeks but ended up getting a 3 and 6 months old). Yesterday was move-in day for the "Cre8ive Chicks"!
    Got 2 silkies, black and white and 2 Marans. The last 2 won't hatch until Monday so they'll be joining us in about 3 weeks.
    Here are some pics and if anyone has advice on make the getting along smoother, I need it. The blue maran is not being very nice to the babies, she's 6 months old and has been with younger ones. Or will this be over in a few days?
    The young maran (splash) even hid in a corner together with the silkies away from the blue one.
    Also the Marans tried out the "2nd floor" overnight but sat on the thin edge (siding) of the poop tray instead of the perches. Do you think they will eventually "get it"? Or should I adjust the height of the perches (2x4's for the Marans and 2x2's for the silkies)?
    The silkies are Oprah (black) and Paula Deen (white). The Marans are known as Madea (blue) and Sofia (splash).




    Thanks in advance :)
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    Jul 22, 2013
    Very nice! How about placing them on the roosting bars?

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