Coop floor has wire only, I guess that means I don't need litter??

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    Mar 17, 2016
    First timer here, and the (6) chicks are 2 weeks old in the brooder. Our coop that we bought sits on top of the run with a ramp that raises with a rope. The rest of the floor of the coop is wire only. All the poop would fall onto the wire and down onto the run. Do I leave it as is or buy pans to put on the floor to fill with litter??? Is there another option?
    Would love to hear from a voice of experience,,
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    Mar 17, 2015
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    A wire floor isn't really for chickens, it's hard on their feet and their poop isn't like rabbit droppings, it's messy. It will collect and hang like stalactites that you'll need to clean with a wire brush :sick

    It's best to cover it with plywood painted with something to protect it (we used DeckOver in our coop - a deck paint/protector bought at Home Depot), some people use Black Jack, or covered with a piece of vinyl flooring.
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