Coop for Bantams


7 Years
May 24, 2012
Hello everybody! I am a newbie chicken owner! I had chickens on our farm when I was younger and now that I am married & have my own house I decided it needed some chickens!! I have 15 bantam chicks (Japanese, D'uccle, Nankins, Cochins, Silkies) and was curious as to what size coop I need to build for them. It seems like so many coop designs I have found are done for "standard" sized chickens and was not sure what that size would equal for a bantam. If somebody could give me an idea of width, length, height for a coop for my 15 bantams I would greatly appreciate it! I also plan on building a run for them as well! I appreciate any and all suggestions/advice!! Thanks so much!!
My coop is 5' X 8' and it seems to handle all 14 hens and 1 rooster for me. My chickens are standard sized wyandottes. The chicken run I made is about 16' X 8', but they usually free range and are only locked up in the run for specific purposes.

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