Coop for broilers


7 Years
Aug 11, 2012
NW Ohio
Do I need a coop for Broilers?
We are getting some broilers for this year for 4H. I got a 8x8 dog kennel & I'm going to put a roof like on it to protect them from predators & the weather. Do I need to build a box like coop inside the kennel for them at night? We are not getting them until the middle of June & they will get butchered at about 7 weeks.

I have never raised meat hybrids, but as a general rule, I would enclose 2 sides of the kennel and then orient that corner into your prevailing wind. Even in summer, they should be able to get out of a draft if they want to. YOu can use tarps and this has been done by others, one experienced breeder that I know of. Good Luck.
A box type structure and a heat source are necessary for broilers. They are bred to have feathers that are more sparse than regular chickens, so they can't keep themselves warm at night as well. Plus, you want their energy to go towards growing, not keeping warm.

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