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Poulets De Cajun

11 Years
Jun 14, 2008
Houston MetroMess, Texas
If anyone is interested I am selling the top half of my big coop. It is the triangular "ark" shaped piece. It is 4x8 and has an access door to the enclosed half, as well as an access door to the open area. It also has removable panels on each end for easy cleaning, just take them off and sweep it out. It has a solid plywood floor that I currently cover with pine shavings, and is roomy enough for 4 to 6 bantam hens to live comfortably. My 4 buff pullets, and 1 buff rooster currently live in it. Its a perfect coop for a back yard hobbyist, or someone just wanting a few hens for eggs. The top part will fit nicely in the bed of a pickup for easy transport. I'll consider selling the entire, two level coop if we can reach an agreeable price. Email me if you are interested. Located in East Fort Worth. (Local pickup only!)

There are pics listed on my website. Click on L'auberge De Poulet.
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