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Mar 3, 2008
Uxbridge MA
I am new to turkeys and want to provide them with their own run and shelter for the winter. When everyone is ready to be outside I will hopefully have 7 blue slate turkeys. How big should the run be and how big should the shelter be?

I've also read somewhere that turkeys do not require as much draft/cold protection as chickens. Is this true or should we build something as draft tight as I have for my chickens? I was originally thinking something along the line of a dog house style shelter in a 12' x 6' pen. Would this work?
I'm still doing research because I've been toying with the idea of getting turkeys myself next spring, but what I've heard is that turkeys need about the same protection as geese/ducks. Which means, somewhere to get out of the snow/wind if they want it, but nothing as tight as chickens need unless you live in really cold areas (Minnesota or Alaska--Where i live in Utah gets to zero degrees, or even ten below often which is still okay for geese and ducks). i make sure to put the food out of the weather and provide fresh water at least twice a day during winter for my water birds. i don't know what kind of run space a turkey needs, I'm still learning. hopefully someone else will have the answer.

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