Coop frame assembled! Advice please!

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    Jun 9, 2011
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    Okay, I thought we'd go by the Purina coop design but my dad's just willing to wing it and asking me where I want the doors, nest boxes, roosts, etc. It's a raised 4x8 coop for 4-6 hens to be attached to a 10x10 run that also utilizes the area underneath the coop. I'm hoping I've inserted the images correctly.

    So I was thinking that the nest boxes could go on one end (they'll be external boxes), and the roosts on the other end and the access door on the front. I'm trying to convince my dad to make the access door bigger than he'd like - I'm not going to be able to stand inside the coop or anything so I want to have as much access as possible. We are having a one-two inch gap between the roof and the sheathing for ventilation and at least one window with hardware cloth and a plexiglass cover for unfriendly weather. Am I missing some key factor to the layout that will make it convenient and comfortable for the birds? Also, I'm planning on a poop shelf with boot trays or something similar - has anyone ever used shallow plastic storage bins for this?
    The coop will be in the woods so it is fairly protected from our somewhat harsh NY winters. The semi-exposed side will be facing the south.
    And here's our huge pile of plywood and other scrap wood (some whole sheets though!) Got it for a great deal through CL! The coop will be located in the woods behind the shed pictured here.

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    yes you want a bigger door so you can open it up to clean when needed
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    Hi, For my poop trays I used old cafeteria trays that I got from a resturant supply cheap. They have about a 1" lip and measure 14" w by 22" long. Made frame work to set them on from 2" x 2" s , roost above about 6". They poop right down the perfect and easy to clean by picking up each tray and scraping mess into large tote.....then in the compost pile. To see photos, check out my page. Hope this helps. Not sure how big of a town you live in, but larger towns usually have resturant supply's. Or try CraigsList.

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