Coop from all 2x6 boards?


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May 8, 2012
I salvaged about 15 8' 2x6 boards from craigslist and I want to use them to build a coop. I can't buy any of my wood, I only have budget for the hardware. I don't have any means of ripping the boards down to 2x4s. I can probably salvage panels for walls, but I need to use the 2x6s for the frame and anything else I can.

My building skills amount to nailing/screwing things together and making small cuts. Is it feasible to build the entire frame out of 2x6s? Can anyone point me to some examples or helpful resources? None of the coops I've found seem to use 2x6.

I was originally planning on a 4'x4' coop, but with the amount of wood I have, I may be able to go a little bigger.
Being built from 2x6s, it would be a tank. There is no reason why you cannot use them in the same manner as a 2x4. Structurally, you would use fewer, but that might be more than you want to investigate. Build with what you have.

There's no reason you can't build with 2x6s. One of our chicken coops we used oak 4x4s because DH can get them free from work. Use what you've got, free is always best :) You will probably just have to adjust your spacing since they are wider.

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