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    How high do you think I should make the coop if I want it to be a raised coop ( part of the run under it ) . Also how tall should I make the coop it has a 4ftx4ft
    floor so far .

    Thanks for your help .
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  2. AK-Bird-brain

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    Make it tall enough to walk in without smacking your head on anything if you ever plan on going inside.
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    Apr 16, 2007
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    Our raised coops sit on frames that are 24" tall. I like this height as I'm 5' 2 and a half inches tall so they are ideal for me to clean out without bending over too much.

    Modifies Chick-N-Barn

    Post Brooder Coop

    There are links for more pictures to the entire building/framing proccess for both above linked coops on their pages.

    The second coop itself is roughly 3' tall and perfect for the Bantams that we raise.

    I wish we had made the Chick-N-Barn's modified run just a bit taller though.

    The second coop I linked to is an addition to our main coop & run.

    Hope this is some help!


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