Coop Help Please! Pics attached- What Should I Do?


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May 15, 2012
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Hopefully I do this right. I attached a couple pictures (sorry they are sideways!) of an old greenhouse located on the property. I tore off the greenhouse material which left me with the frame. You can see it has upper and lower "benches". What should I do with this frame? How can I predator proof? Should I frame in large windows for ventilation? Should I leave the "benches" in or take them out? There is a water faucet plumbed inside, how can I use it? I am new to chickens. We have lots of predators of every kind and I don't want to lose any of my new babies! They are 4-5 weeks old now and ready to be outside, so i need to get this coop finished. I will also build an enclosed run, but getting the coop done is priority. Thanks for any help!


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Mar 5, 2012
Lovely!! I would make the floor solid with vinyl or easy to clean something, wrap it in siding, metal roof etc. Leave some openings for windows - I used hardware cloth as windows in mine. I'd use the benches as poop boards with the roosting bars above. You can build in nest boxes below them and use for storage needs also. Having water IN the that's awesome!! I have a "shed" that is 10x16 at my lakehouse property that is used as a guest house now (has a toilet and sink)..........but when we move there, i'm turning that into the new coop WITH water! Easy clean up of tools and feed/water bowls etc.


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Looks like it has a lot of potential. I'd wrap it all in hardware cloth using poultry staples, including the top. Then the translucent corrugated fiberglass roofing is nice to let in the light, or use exterior plywood or OSB. Sheet the floor with exterior grade plywood, and then put old vinyl flooring over that so it's easier to clean, and then a few inches of bedding (wood shavings).
Make sure the door is secure and put latches that raccoons can't pick- figure that if a 5 year old could open it, a raccoon will open it.


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Lucky you! That will make a GREAT chicken coop!

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Oct 28, 2011
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if your winters are mild, maybe put siding on the lower half on three sides & solid wall on one end (end that gets worst winter weather). staple the upper half on the three sides w/ hardware cloth. put hardware cloth on the screen door & maybe close it up half way like the three walls.
line the benches w/easy clean like linoleum & use them as poop boards. mount your roosts above w/ladder(s). put the nest boxes beneath.

if it's really big, close off the end three/four feet. put a people door in the other end too & use it for feed storage etc.

count your blessing about the water & maybe open a faucet on the outside too.
good luck

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