coop? how many hens?


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Apr 3, 2008
i built a coop that has a run in the bottom and a roost box that is 3 feet off the ground in the back top corner. so the run where the grass is is 30 sq ft. and the roost box is 13 sq ft.
How many hens can i have. I hope you say nine because that is what i got. I built coop thinking 4 sq ft per bird was for roaming area not roosting area. I have 3 each of americanas, black australorps, & dominiques. i live in city and don't know if i can let them out during day because all i have is chain link fence around yard.
Nine would be pretty tight in the 13sqft how tall is your chain link? it would probably be safe during the day but put them in the coop at night and close it up even the run sounds a little small for the nine birds. Do you want standard breeds or bantam breeds?

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what are your henhouse can keep 9 in there if they stay outside most of the day.
Hate to be the bearear of bad news.... but it sounds like your area is good for 3 hens if they're to be confined there full time.

The general rule of thumb is 4 sq feet of floor space in the indoor area and 10 square feet in the run.

You also want to provide 10" of roost space per standard-size bird.

If your birds area always out free-ranging dawn-dusk and you don't have a lot of bad weather, you can get away with less indoor space. But cramped birds will get bored, and peck each other. Not fun.

SO sorry! Can you add onto it or build another?
i have std breeds and already 4 weeks old
my chain link is std height iguess 4 feet tall
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I have a huge fenced are around 120sqft and I only have 24sqft chicken tractor and I have 12 standard hens and there are no problems right now but I am looking for homes for two of the pullets so the numbers can be manipulated to a point but your coop would be very crowded with 9 hens. I live on an acre lot in the suburbs so I have some of the same space problems as you.

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