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Well said, Mybackyardpeepers!

Think of what challenges and opportunities you all have, martins show birds, and make the most of one and downplay the other. What predators will you need to protect your birds from? Where is the most convenient spot to be feeding and caring for your birds? What opportunities are there for cooling shade? Where will the prevailing winds be coming from if Winter cold will be an issue? How can you design and build for those challenges you may be dealing with?

Will you want electricity for enhancing Winter egg production? Will you be incubating and brooding in your coop? Or will you be doing that inside? Or not at all? Is there a source of water nearby? Someone thoughtfully provided a tap for me within steps of my run. Now I wish I'd had him put a tap inside for filling waterers. Or will you have waterers that can be filled from outside the run?

Dutch doors that can have the bottom closed while you open the top for reaching inside are nice. Wish I'd thought of that when we were building. Do you want your nesting boxes inside the coop or protruding for collection from the outside? Would you prefer a roof that opens up? or a side that drops down? In either case how will you keep it in the position you want without having nesting materials dropping out?

Where will you want your roosts? Do you want a poop collection system integrated into the roosts? In any case, be generous in the area you provide for the hens both on the roosts and on the floor of the coop. And will you have enough space for a walk-in coop? Or will a step-up over a portion of the run make better use of your available space?

Will you have enough space for a secure storage area for feed, first aid and sundry items in or attached to your coop? If not, be sure to provide another secure space for it all so you don't attract or lose feed to mice and rats.

That's all I can think of. Maybe someone else will have other thoughts but the time you put into planning now will increase the ease and pleasure of your operations when you have chickens to house.

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