Coop in NE Ohio?


7 Years
Oct 31, 2012
What do I need to do to build a suitable coop in North East Ohio? Winters are cold and can stay below 20 degrees for days to weeks at a time. Should I avoid raised coops? How much insulation? Summers get into the 80s often so I'm just not sure. Would love some advice for my future Buff Orpington flock of girls!

-Budding Farmer ;)
There are alot of good ideas in our forums. Do a little research and you will come up with alot of ideas.You probably will want a larger coop with a run attached.They will probably want to stay in the coop in the coldest weather for long periods so more room will help prevent aggression between them. Use 2x4's on their turned on their sides for roost so they can sit on their feet to keep them warm. Ventilation in the coop is important but no drafts near the roosts. There are many opinions on whether to insulate and/or heat your coop. Where I live neither is necessary. Chickens are very well adapted to cold weather with a down coat under all those feathers.

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