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We're designing our coop and trying to think of placement in the yard. We think we know where we want to put it but it is fairly close to our daughters bedroom window (around 5 to 8 feet) are chickens noisy enough that we'll be able to hear them inside? Should we rethink the placement?
Yes, you will definitely hear them inside. How often and how loudly depends on your particular chickens i.e. unpredictable ahead of time. Whether it BOTHERS you is a personal thing. If daughter wants total silence after sky starts to lighten near dawn, it might be a problem; but many people find it a nice background-type noise.

Frankly unless you have a large yard you're likely to be able to hear them from the house sometimes no matter what (esp. in summer when windows are open).

Good luck, have fun,

Thanks Pat! My daughter is 11 months so she isn't too picky yet but I'd hate to have to move the whole thing however many years down the line. I've never been around chickens so I'm having a hard time imagining exactly how much noise they'll make. In YouTube videos theyre either crazy loud or completely silent, hopefully we'll have the second!
There's also things like smells and flies to consider. If you're planning to only keep a couple-three chickens and keep the coop / run cleaned regularly, this may not be much of an issue. But if you get a lot of birds, you may be wishing they were a little farther from the house eventually.
We're talking 4 birds tops. The more I think about it the more I want them away from the house. So far the hardest part of all this is where the heck this coop is going to go. My husband and I might have to duke it out, we can't agree at all!
ours are about that close to my kid's window too. I decided I wanted it close to the house for ease in the rainy winter months (all 9 or 10 of them) and plus, it's the highest, driest spot on our property. If they get too noisy, I'll get them an auto door opener so they can get out before they wake the house up. (It gets light really early here too.)
The way kids like to sleep late now a days might be a good idea to put the coop outside their window full of roos.

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