Coop lovin' fools! Is this normal?


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Aug 1, 2011
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My 7 week old Muscovy Ducklings are very attached to their coop. I let them out in the morning and if I leave the door open they will return to the coop after a short stroll to wherever I am at. For that matter, wherever my dog is at. After that they will almost always return to the coop and camp out.

If I lock them out of the coop they will make infrequent excursions to the raspberry bushes and to the fenceline but for the most part camp out under the ramp to their coop.

The coop isn't anything fancy- about 15 square feet - so I don't understand why they want to hang out there. Is it a duckling thing? I have almost an acre of grass and bugs and such for them to explore. If I am working in the yard away from the coop they will move towards me but still tend to stay right by the door of their coop.

I am planning on adding an 18 month old hen Khaki Campbell to the gang soon (I have 3 Muscovies, I think 2 hens, 1 drake) and I am hoping she will show them the way to more bugs and grass and such. Maybe she will show them the rest of the yard.

I'd be happier if they ducklings did a little more exploration.



mine stay pretty close to their coop too. i have anconas, and i was not sure if it was just them.
they will roam if i am out. they mostly stay in their yard by the coop, but their yard has a crab apple tree, and raspberry bushes, and a nice garden in it (the backyard has plenty of goodies, too). i don't feed them in the coop during the day, or let them have their pool filled that is in there unless they are confined during the day.
i even moved their big swimming pool to the backyard (another, bigger garden is back there, and grapes & blackberries!) under a huge shade tree, but they have only glanced at it while i weeded the pumpkins & then waddled back home.
if it is weird i have decided to be glad. the chickens are EVERYWHERE & scatter, rather than herd. at least i ALWAYS know where my ducks are.

they are only around 12 weeks old.

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