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    Jun 17, 2016
    I am converting a darling playhouse (it is a wooden house with planter boxes below the windows in the front and bay windows on the back) into a chicken coop for my father. I pulled out the little phone, faucet, stove top, clock etc. that was on the inside, but I wanted to maybe secure them on the outside because I think it would look cute. There is a wooden play clock for a child and I wanted to screw it to the outside and have a cute/funny saying about time or a clock and chickens or eggs and I cannot come up with anything. I thought about "Time for another chick?" but I think that might offend my step-mother. Any ideas? I have to decorate it tonight because we are delivering it in the morning.

    I am also working on a name for the coop. My father's name is Dennis so I was thinking about calling the coop Denny's Hen House, but would be open to suggestions. He lives off of a highway so it could have something to do with that (drive-in, Hwy 84...) he lives in a town called Longville. He loves to fish. He is funny and likes jokes. Dirty jokes okay too...

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    Does your father have a favorite time of day? Maybe preset the clock and say something above it like: "Do you know what time it is?" and beneath it say something along the lines of "Why, it's 4 O'Cluck!" Whatever you set the time for.

    As for names, perhaps ask your father to name it and then you can paint the sign accordingly.

    Post pics! What a great Father's Day gift. :)
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