coop question...urgent!!!


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Aug 20, 2008
We are building our coop tommorrow and I was browsing online for some last minute ideas...

I came across a wooden playhouse-that is reasonably cheap- BUT it is made of cedar,

I know cedar is toxic if used as I am guessing that a coop made of cedar is definately out huh????
Someone said you could use cedar boards as skids, a little in the coop wouldn't be a big problems, but they peck at nearly everything so you would have to make sure they weren't where the birds could reach them, so I'd definitely steer away as well. Bummer.
A cedar playhouse would be ok for a coop if allowed to "air out" for a couple weeks before using it as a coop. You also could paint the inside and that would get rid of any cedar smell.
I seem to remember that being covered in this section before and it being OK as long as it wasn't being used for shavings. Use the "Search" function to double check though!

Jacky'sMamma used a cedar playhouse and modified it and it's a thing of beauty and ingenuity! Her post with all the details of how she modified the doors etc here - it's one of my favorite!


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