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May 4, 2011
Hi there,
I am using a chain link dog run for a chicken run. I picked up some free bricks and thought I'd line the perimiter with them. Will this be effective in deterring predators from digging?
I would appreciate any advice and insight. Thanks a bunch!
No probably not they can dig around the brick and under the chain link, but I don't know what your location is and amount of predators that may be in the area. Plus, the chain link is very easy for many predators to reach thru and if it's not covered on top, they can climb up and over and get in and hawks /owls can swoop in from above.
Almost every day I read in this topic about people having their chicks beset by various predators and it is usually because their runs are an invitation to predators. I certainly agree that the bricks will not deter a determined predator from digging under. Also, chain link is a sure fire way to invite a racoon to tear a chicken apart. Chickens are curious and when a predator. like a racoon comes to the run the curious chicks go and take a look and the racoon sticks its hand through the chain link and tears its head off. Also, without a cover any and all predators can just climb over. To deter a digging predator you need to either have hardware cloth go down about 18 inches or have an apron that is at least 24 inches.

Thanks a lot. I do plan on covering it.
Guess I.'ll bury some hardware cloth around the perimeter.
Sounds like I need to line the run with hardware cloth as well. How high do I need to reinforce the run with the mesh?
Thanks again.
Chain link dog runs make excellent, semi mobile chicken runs. You don't need to bury the skirt, just attach it to the chain link and lay it flat in the ground. Stakes will keep the wire flat and allow you to mow right over it, you could also use your bricks. Typically a digger will start at the base of your chainlink panels and try to go under and the wire will stop that cold! It does not need to be hardware cloth, just some strong 2X4 welded wire will stop them. DO NOT USE CHICKEN WIRE, THEY WILL GO RIGHT THRU IT!

I would not worry too much about a coon reaching thru for birds if you close your birds in the coop at night, but some fruit tree netting will stop a crow or raven from hopping into the pen. You will need to check the netting occationally to see if a coon has climbed in to look around. This is good as it will tell if you are getting night visits without loosing birds as long as you have a good coop door latch
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