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    My Coop
    My coop is 4 ft x 8 ft and has six nesting boxes with perching bars. The run is 24 x 8 completely covered and we have a larg uncovered run they have access during the day when we are home. (see photo below) I currently have 12 hens and one roo. I have ordered 8 more hens and another roo. I plan on building an additional coop with it's own large run and expande the outisde yard and join the 2. Of course I would keep the flocks separate until about the same size. My questions are:
    1. What are the odds the roos will get along - Barred Rock (existing) and Salmon Faverole (new)
    2. What are the odds everyone will end up all in the same coop - making the expense of building an additional one a waste.
    3. Should I just expande the run and outside yard?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Good questions I would like to follow this thread to see what folks say.
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    My 2 roos get along just fine. They each have 15 hens. The all roost together in the same 10 x 12 coop. They do have 2 acres of free ranging during the day and the rooster each have their own part of that 2 acres. The hens to switch back and forth between the 2. I think which ever one has found the most food! HaHa! In the coop they each sleep at different ends with the own girls.

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